Blue Iguana


Arkady – Blue Iguana

Peter recently completed filming on Blue Iguana, a new film by Hadi Hajaig.

Hadi is also writer/director of Cleanskin, which starred Sean Bean (poster below) and Charlotte Rampling and which Peter shot in 2012.


Blue Iguana stars American actor, Sam Rockwell (below) in the lead. It will be released in the Autumn of 2017….more info follows. IMDB entry here.

Image result for sam rockwell movies

Sam Rockwell …Eddie

Phoebe Fox …Katherine Rookwood

Ben Schwartz …Paul Driggs

Amanda Donohoe …Dawn Bradshaw

Peter Polycarpou …Arkady

Frances Barber …Princess

Simon Callow …Uncle Martin

Al Weaver …Tommy Tresham

Peter Ferdinando …Deacon Bradshaw

Andre Flynn …Silas

Vic Waghorn …Mickey Oyl


The full credits can be found on the IMDB web site here.

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